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Are you Ready to Take your Trading to the Next Level?…
Ideal for all levels

All the methods are perfect for new traders & a fantastic addition for all experienced traders

Over 8hours of Video Content

Enhance your trading knowledge with these specially produced videos covering all the key trading areas

Multiple PROVEN Methods

Not one but three core methods can be traded on their own or combined in order to create the ultimate trading method (which we call “The Piptastic 24/5 Method”). .

PDF Manual

You will receive a 96page pdf manual to either print complete or you can print off each section as you work & learn through the video sections

Cutting your losses & letting those profits run

This manual will not only show you how to cut those losses & let the profits run but you will also see it in action via actual live trades made at significant monetary staking levels on the tuition videos.

Any market, Any Time, Any Chart Timeframe

The methods you will see & learn about are not exclusive to any market or particular timeframe but can be done on any thus suiting your own style of trading or timezone in the world

The indicators that work!

You will see the proven indicators that generate successful trades the majority of time.Of course in trading there will always be losing trades however these will be kept to a minimum when using these simple indicators

Bonus Audio & Webinars

You will also receive several audio sections to help you with key trading areas like trading psychology.Also contained are webinars revealing even more methods for you to use for success

Easy to Follow Training & Tutorials

The videos you watch are clear to understand & guide you through every key stage of your trading knowledge

Ongoing Support

As well as our support forum,we will answer your questions via email, usually within 24-48hours

ONLY £19.99 with immediate access

Trading the Markets for Maximum Profit is available via website only. Should you wish to purchase the physical disc then there is a upgrade fee of £12 within the site.

Super simple guide to enhancing YOUR success in trading

Trading the Markets for Maximum Profit has been designed to make everything easy to follow & understand. Of course, there is always going to be losses in trading however this course will show you how to keep those losses to a minimum while enhancing your rate of successful trades.

Not one but three core methods which can be traded individually or combined in order to create the ultimate trading method (which we call “The Piptastic 24/5 Method”). By combining these core methods we are automatically enhancing your chances of experiencing consistent trading success. Each of the three core methods are also proven to be successful in their own right on a standalone basis, on any market & at any time of day or night. You are going to see LIVE trades being placed & perhaps more importantly, how those trades are managed.

“Since being part of the Piptastic community, my trading has improved massively. I have the highest regard for Damon & the whole Piptastic team”
Alan J, Leeds UK
Who is Piptastic?

Piptastic was founded & is run by Damon Elliott, a full time home trader. Since Piptastic was formed in 2009 it has gone on to become one of the leading trader training companies in the UK & has helped numerous people, from all walks of life achieve their goals in trading. The first Piptastic manual “Trading Strategies Exposed”, was a bestseller for 2years running. Damon also is the author of “Trading Psychology for Home Traders” which addresses in depth this often overlooked area of trading which is so vital for continuous trading success.

In addition to this, Damon also hosts live trading sessions four times a week (via a subscription service) which demonstrates all the methods you are going to learn about in “Trading the Markets for Maximum Profit”. So not only is it now available for release but is also shown LIVE each & every week for members of the Piptastic Live Room!

What will you learn on the videos?

The manual will guide you through all the areas & in addition to this, you receive over 8hours of video which will bring that learning to life. Lets see what you will learn on them;

  • An essential guide to a spread betting platform
  • Know your charts inside out & how to use them effectively
  • How to set up your charts & what key areas you need to look for
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
  • The Piptastic 24/5 method  - complete instructional videos
  • The simple guide to Money Management
  • An introduction to the world of Trading Psychology

Each section & video works in sequence to build your knowledge upwards so you understand why the markets are moving & where they are potentially heading using one indicator that almost all professional traders use. By the time you have finished the videos you will know how to;

  • Enter a trade with an effective stop placed
  • How to manage your trade for 1:1 risk reward, sometimes more
  • What to look out for whilst you are in a trade & how to know when to exit a trade early
  • Closing part of your position whilst in a trade
  • When to move your stop to minimise any potential loss
  • How to select suitable profit taking areas prior to trade & during trade
“I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Piptastic so early in my trading career. It has saved me thousands of pounds, & more importantly, investing years in systems that don’t work. I truly believe that Piptastic offers all the essentials to achieve trading success”
Emile O, London UK
  • Exclusive Access to Content Area – Access to the website to view the content at any time you choose. Also videos & content will be regularly updated, keeping you up to date with latest developments
  • Complete PDF Manual – Print off complete or you can choose to print off each individual section as you work through the videos
  • Videos – Over 8 hours of video tutorials & LIVE market trades to emphasise key learning areas
  • Four Key Trading Methods – Pick one or use them all, the choice is yours. all methods are proven to work each day & are also traded in our live room
  • Audio – Nearly 2 hours of audio content to help develop your trading psychology
  • Bonus Webinars – These webinars not only include many tips to better your trading but also several key trading methods in addition to the ones you already receive
  • World Class Support – We pride ourselves on offering not only first class products, but also first class support. If you have any questions or problems you can contact our help desk & we will respond fast (usually within 24-48 hours). Don’t forget we also have an extensive FAQ section as well.